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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

To the Forbidden Land

We all have ‘Wish’ lists! Don’t we? I HAVE. Some good, some bad, some naughty, some funny and some weird! Recently I had couple of my wishes come true – all in one time – pretty amazing – huh! I won’t write down all the wishes – believe me you don’t want to hear those! There are some thirty of those. But one long-time wish was to answer the eternal nature’s call in a forbidden territory – ummm– the Men’s Room :).

As it happens to most of us – we take things for granted. What’s good in the Ladies Room? It seems mundane – walls raised between booths, the good ones with some lotion and cream to pamper yourself with – the unassuming ones forcing you to wade through some hurdles – do it and leave – the message. But we still stop for a while, just a casual glance at the mirror at least, if not touching up the make-up, a little chitty-chat with a colleague…all so common and known.

On the other hand, I have always wondered while bypassing the forbidden territory – why are they in so much hurry? They just rush in and rush out – don’t they have mirrors in there? A little checking oneself out, some attention to the booth next to them – some revelations, some pride, few moments of glory, may be? Do they have partitions? How dirty would the territory be? When do I get to ‘go’ in one? ...I wished;).

Well this weekend when I was in Washington DC, a friend fulfilled my wish. It was not planned, it was just to solve an urgent need – but boy oh boy was that ‘fun’! The friend had to stop by his office to check a mail from his wife. I, of course, had to ‘go’…that happens way too often with me :(. Anyhoo – being a weekend the office was closed and the friend looked around for the key to the Ladies Room. As destiny would have it, he didn’t find any…but, he had with him the key to the Men’s Room.

So as my friend stood vigil outside the door, I took my ‘sweet little’ time to explore the forbidden land. The booths were truly side by side – no partition but no mirrors either over each – would have been fun, I feel! The distance between the booths was not uncomfortable – it’s not that one has to elbow his way through – but close enough for greater revelations of life. There was no tissue dispenser next to each booth – I wonder why? Won’t it be hygienic? But then what do I know of the bigger mysteries of life?  The mirrors were above the sinks – big, shiny, but no basket of creams or lotions. Then there were also the walled booths – same height and size as one would find in a ladies room. It was surprisingly clean – no stink at all and all the toilet seats were DOWN!

As I walked out of the door, standing tall on my latest ‘achievement’, I thanked my friend and decided that I need to add more ‘weird’ stuff in my list. Any ideas people? And want a partner in crime? Yours truly is always ready!

Oh! By the way, if you are wondering, I ‘did’ it, before I walked out of the door.